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Five solid reasons why you should choose
CapEx for your hotel financing needs.

Five solid reasons why you should choose CapEx for your hotel financing needs.

Reason 1 – Capex is the Hotel Franchise financing specialist.

Capex works with properties of all sizes, providing the financing hotels need to complete their conversion to another brand / flag. We know the hospitality / lodging industry, we know what you require, and we tailor our efforts to provide you with the very best service. We have an easy “no paperwork” application for most deals, quick approvals, great rates, and the best service in the industry. You can also buy from the vendors of your choice. Our parent company, Crest Capital, has been around for more than two decades, and has the experience and stability you are looking for.

Reason 2 – Capex will finance 100% of hard costs / hard goods.

Ok, so your potential new brand gave you a PIP (property improvement plan) or similar, and you’re wondering how to pay for everything they say you need. We can help by financing all of your hard costs / hard goods (furniture, fixtures, office machines, vehicles, etc.) There is no need for you to come up with 20% of the total cost (like the bank will ask you to). We’ll handle it all. A big relief for most property owners, who would rather keep their cash liquid, and let the brand conversion pay for itself.

Reason 3 – In addition, a full 25% of the total loan amount can be utilized for soft costs / soft goods.

This is where we really shine, and leave the bank in the dust. This means “soft costs” like taxes, delivery, training, etc. can be financed, as can what are commonly called “soft goods” (linens, towels, etc.) Other banks and finance companies don’t want to finance these types of items, but Capex will (again, up to a full 25% of the total loan, meaning we may be able to finance 100% of your soft costs, depending on the amount of hard goods financing you require.)

Reason 4 – Because we handle all of the above, you have one low payment, not six.

Combining everything into one hotel financing deal means you have one payment, and it’s likely going to be lower than if you financed each category separately. This means you can better plan for expenses, and, depending on your overall financial picture, allows the new flag to generate enough revenue be profitable immediately.

Reason 5 – We won’t tie up your property or accounts. And we’re Section 179 Deduction friendly.

Need more? Ok. How about we won’t need a property lien, or for you to keep a certain amount in the bank? This allows you unmatched flexibility, and will also keep your accountant very happy. Plus, ask your accountant about Section 179 – our financing works very well with this exceptional tax code.

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