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Hotel Renovation &
Conversion Financing

Hotel Renovation & Conversion Financing

No hassle financing for all of your franchised
hotel conversion and brand renovation needs.

No hassle financing for all of your franchised hotel conversion and brand renovation needs.

Why Finance?
CapEx knows meeting the requirements of hotel franchises can be daunting, whether you are converting to a new brand or upgrading your current one.

Lucky is the property that only needs to change shower curtains and towels – other properties find themselves needing desks, tables, chairs, new reservation software, and more.

Financing capital expenditures allows properties to keep their cash reserves, and utilize the increased revenue the new flag brings to pay for the conversion outlay (this is one of the biggest advantages to financing, and makes exceptional business sense.)

Financing FF&E also can be a profitable move when Section 179 comes into play. In many cases, the Section 179 tax savings can actually exceed finance payments.

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We offer the following:

Easy “No Paperwork” Application –

For financing up to $250k, you only submit an easy online application. No bank statements and no tax returns needed.

Keep Your Cash (and Property) Liquid –

Unlike the bank, we won’t tie up your cash reserves, accounts, or require a property lien on your real estate.

Diverse Loan Amounts –

Typical finance and lease deals are between $5k and $500k (but we can go higher). We finance 100% of approved costs without a down payment.

Exceptional Rates, and Flexible Terms –

Our rates are equal to (or better than) the bank, and our terms are extremely flexible. Talk to us, and tell us what you need.

Fast Approvals –

We know you don’t have time to wait around for a “yes”, as the franchisor awaits your commitment. We’ll get you an answer fast, usually within hours.

We Finance “Soft Costs” as Well –

Sales taxes, delivery, installation, training… we can include those in your lease or finance agreement (up to 25%).

More than 20 years of experience - CapEx is a division of Crest Capital. In business since 1989, Crest provides thousands of companies across the US with all types of equipment, vehicle, and software financing.

We know the hotel industry, and we know the specifics involved in hotel franchise conversions and renovating to meet brand requirements. And we’re here to provide you the easiest and best financing/leasing term and rate available. Contact us with complete confidence.