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CapEx is a division of Crest Capital, one
of the most experienced equipment
financing providers in the United States.

CapEx is a division of Crest Capital, one of the most experienced equipment financing providers in the United States.

Crest Capital has been in business since 1989, and over the last 20+ years, has helped thousands of small and medium sized companies with low-rate, no-hassle financing - financing that helps them grow and become more profitable. And we also help vendors and manufacturers by providing them the support needed to offer credit terms.

Our CapEx division addresses a growing need - hotels converting to a new flag / brand that need upgraded equipment, furniture, software, vehicles and more. The simple fact is we understand that converting to a new brand requires a lot more than changing signs, as every brand has minimum standards that must be met.

Sometimes, these standards are obvious, like flat screen TV's, a certain style bed-frame, a certain size desk in every room, two end tables, and so on. And sometimes they are more of an intangible nature, like high-speed Wi-Fi, or new computer reservation system.

Regardless of what is required, we assist these properties (whether new construction or hotel franchise conversions) by providing the funds to acquire the needed equipment, software/hardware, furniture, or vehicles. And we do so with minimal paperwork, no hassles, and very flexible terms. Great rates as well.

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The CapEx Advantage: Convenience, Ease of Application, Speed and Low Rates!


You can apply for financing online with just a few clicks. In fact, we can go all the way to $250k without needing anything but our simple application. And we'll get you an answer fast, typically within a day.


We won’t tie up your bank accounts, require property liens, or engage in other hair-graying details. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, and have it down to a science. All we do is provide low-rate financing to help grow businesses.


Whether you need $5k or $500k (or more) for your hotel conversion / renovation, call on the experts at CapEx. We’ll be happy to help, with rates and terms that leave the bank out in the cold.

Are you an approved vendor to Franchised Hotel properties?

If you are an approved vendor to franchised hotel properties, you can increase sales by offering your customers a simple payment option, at no cost to you. Contact us to learn more.