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Answers to your most frequently asked
questions and how to get started with
your CapEx equipment financing needs.

Answers to your most frequently asked questions and how to get started with your CapEx equipment financing needs.

What type of equipment and items do we finance?

Almost any equipment or furniture item needed to help in your renovation / conversion / standards compliance. Furniture, signage, computers, office machines, vehicles and more.

What about software?

Yes, software as well. Including proprietary reservation and POS systems.

Do we need paperwork and tax forms to get financing? The bank wants reams of paperwork?

If you are borrowing $250k or less, no, all you need to do is fill out our application. It’s a very simple (and time saving) process. Only loans or leases above $250K will require financial disclosure.

How quickly can we expect an answer?

How fast do you need it? Most approvals take a day or less.

We're an approved vendor for hotel chains. Can we offer financing though you?

Absolutely. This is an excellent convenience for your customers, and can be a boost in sales for you as well.

We're about to initiate a new construction project, and not looking to upgrade/convert. Can we still get financing through you?

Yes, while CapEx specializes in hotel franchise conversions, we can assist you with many of the capital expenditure and FF&E items your
new hotel will require.

How do we claim a Section 179 deduction on the equipment we buy?

Most of the items we finance are indeed Section 179 eligible. However, as always, consult your accountant for the definitive answer to this question.

How flexible are your terms?

Very. You benefit from favorable agreements ranging from 24 to 72 months, highly competitive rates, a broad menu of end-of-term options, and more. We can work with you to find the exact payment schedule that fits your needs. In fact, combined with the previously mentioned Section 179, there’s a good chance using our Section 179 Qualified Financing adds to your year-end Cash balance.

Are you going to place a lien on our property, or hold our accounts?

No, we will not. Nor will we tie up your cash and accounts. Financing through CapEx allows your cash reserves to remain available, and allows you a lot of financial flexibility.

What are your rates like?

Typically equal to or better than a bank.

Can I get a quote on payment amounts and terms?

Absolutely – just click here to use our free payment calculator.